Our services

Consultancy services - Advice and project management in areas including System design, Electronic and Software design and development, Standards (National, European and International), Manufacture, testing.
Software and firmware design, development - Dedicated real time embedded systems or components, PC/Windows/Linux applications, Graphical user interfaces, Digital Signal Processing, Data communication, Device drivers. Languages and platforms include C, C++, Java, Python, Pascal, Assembly, Matlab, Excel.
Electronic circuit design and development - Analogue and digital circuit design, Printed Circuit Layout. Signal conditioning, Power electronics, Logic (Descrete, Programmable logic device), Microcomputer (Microcontroller, Microprocessor, DSP), Data Communication hardware.
Data communication systems and networking - hardware and software to enable seamless communication between modules, subsystems and systems. Technologies include RS232, RS422, RS485, IEEE-488, USB, CAN-bus, Ethernet and GPRS. Systems may be interfaced to the Web for flexible remote viewing, control and data collection.
Validation and Verification - of the final product, electronic circuits, software, documentation and processes. Through a planned series of structured static inspection and strategic testing (automated where possible otherwise manual). Specialised ATE (Automated Test Equipment) designed and built.
Technical and User documentation - including System and module specifications, Electronics and Software design documentation, Standards compliance documentation, Test plans and procedures, User manuals, Maintenance manuals, and Installation manuals.